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Introducing FractureDX

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Identification of fractures has long been established as a critical aspect of trauma care. This most basic of diagnostic requirements i.e. “ruling in” or “ruling out” of bone fractures is taken for granted in healthcare. Unfortunately, x-rays, which currently serve as the diagnostic standard for detecting fractures, present three major problems to the healthcare system: limited access, high cost, and health risks.

Competitive products available for diagnosing fractures are hospital/clinic-based services including x-rays, bone scans and CT scans. These imaging modalities are non-mobile, costly and potentially harmful as they expose patients to ionizing radiation. They also require an entire infrastructure to maintain.

The initial application of this technology will be as a point-of-care fracture screening instrument. Recent development efforts have resulted in a patent pending, proof-of-concept prototype capable of accurately detecting fractures in the foot and ankle. Next steps include beta prototype development, clinical trials, production model design/ manufacturing and commercial product launch.

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